Julia Mokhovikova is an artist of Ukrainian descent. She works in a style of neo-expressionism.

Trained as an architect, she’s a painter by calling. Mokhovikova has developed her own artistic manner of working with oil and acrylic and later strengthened her skills at L'école d'art MJM where she took a course in drawing and painting.

“I show the beauty of chaos”, the artist describes her work. In her case, the beauty reflects contingencies and severities of life but they are being presented with a touch of irony.

Mokhovikova extracts the plots of her works from the visual artifacts of daily life, like newspapers or imagery on social networks’. A visually experienced viewer would easily find himself engaged into a game of guessing the plots and prototypes: the shells may appear late Irving Penn works, restaurant printed ads, Flaman still lives, etc. The artist takes every plot derived from the visual noise of the routine life and paints it in brutal brush strokes, thus creating the vibrant pictures that show “the absurdity around”. She describes the realms created as a decadent fairy-tale – the one that is sensual, somewhat raunchy, and almost a deliberate kitsch.

The essential part of the works are the inscriptions and quotations that complement the image and serve as the author’s comments to her works. “How to understand a sheep”, “Kaif”, Vladimir Mayakovsky's line “Tobacco smoke has consumed the air”, or Zhanna Aguzarova’s “Guesting in the fairy-tale country” – the text play is reminiscent of avantgardist collages and modern street-art and graffiti.

An essential part to Mokhovikova’s artistic practice is the promotion of her own art on social network. She does it by herself, thus etsablishing a personal dialogue with the audience. The project that received the biggest coverage was the one where she created 10 portraits of famous people and then followed the reaction to them through Instagram hashtags. As a result, one of the heroines, a world-famous model and socialite Lena Perminova, invited her to participate in Instagram charity auction SOS_by_LenaPerminova. Among the lots on the auction, there were four portraits created by Julia Mokhovikova. Now, portraiture series are one of the most important directions of the artist’s commercial work.

“A commercial painter” is a definition the author considers to be honest, in relation to herself and to contemporary art. She is keen on decorating workspaces. In 2018, her work Art Bridge. Service, one from the series made for the headquarters of Ukrainian restaurant chain This is Pivbar, was selected for Hermitage Design Contest group show for young artists. As many as 15 Mokhovikova’s works are in the office collection of a notable Ukrainian businessman Ihor Kolomoisky.

Half-naked muses and other female portraits, carnivore felines, abstractions, Mokhovikova’s style is instantly recognizable due to her bright, vital palette (the author calls herself “hungry for color”) and images that go in a holistic flow of meditation on the nature of animalistic sexuality.


2010 – “No Name”, personal show. Peter Lik gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2014 – Group show at Val gallery, Kyiv

2014 – “Samoidentifikatsiya” (“Self-Identification”), personal show. Yagretera gallery, Kyiv

2015 – Participation in Miami Art Basel art fair. Miami, Florida, USA

2016 – “Big Five. Safari”, personal show. Kyiv History Museum, Kyiv

2016 – Participation in #ArtOfBeauty project initiated by Vogue UA and KENZOKi, Kyiv

2018 – “More-Gol” in Efir workshop, group show, Kyiv

2018 – Participation in Instagram charity auction SOS_by_LenaPerminova

2018 – “Nematerialniye tsennosti” (“Immaterial Values”) – an exhibition of works inspired by Bitcoin. One of the works was sold for bitcoins. “Transformer” art space, Kyiv

2018 – Became the first Ukrainian nominee of Glamour Talent Awards in Visual Artists category. Only artists represented on social networks were eligible for the contest.

2018 – Hermitage Design Contest, group show for young artists. Saint-Petersburg, Russia